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Child Tailor Forms Age 1-6

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Child Tailor forms Age 1-6 are made of tough polyurethane material ideal for pin use, with a fabric cover & wooden neck cap. Forms include the central intake for stand.

Tailor Form Age 1-6yrs Measurements

Child 1 Year:
Bust Height 34 cm
Chest 47cm
Waist 46cm
Hip 46cm

Child 2 Years:
Bust Height 40 cm
Chest 52cm
Waist 50cm
Hip 55cm

Child 4-6 Years:
Bust Height 47cm
Chest 59cm
Waist 53cm
Hip 60cm

Stands Styles

Please order stands separately on the Tailor Form Stands Page Age 1-6yrs.
There are two style options on the gallery images.
Round base option: Short Height or Tall height
Three leg option: Tall height
(Please view the gallery images)

Stand Measurements

Stand 1-6 yrs Round Base:
Height 55cm
Base Diameter 22cm

Stand 1-6 yrs Round Base:
Height 88cm
Base Diameter 22cm

Stand 1-6 yrs Three Leg Base:
Height 93cm
Base Diameter 32cm



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