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Flexible Male Mannequin – With Head Features No Make-up

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The Flexible Male Mannequins with head features and moulded hairline are made from polyurathane foam. We can produce them with a flocked finish or with a plastic-coated surface.

The arms, legs and torso can be bent into any position.
(Please view the drawings in the gallery showing the angles of articulation the body can be bent into for display purposes)

Arms are detachable as standard.

The flexible mannequins have a wire loop in the top of the head so they can be hung or secured to walls or ceilings to create dynamic displays.

The flexible mannequins weigh approx. 5-6kg so they are easy to handle and move around.

Base Stands

The Base Stands in Black or White need to be ordered separately if required.
(Please view the Base Stands Page to order)


Male Flexible Mannequin Body Dimensions:
Inside leg: approx. 85 cm
Hip approx.. 93 cm
Waist: approx.80 cm
Chest: approx.90 cm
Height approx. 180 cm

Colours & Finishes:

Flocked Finish: Skin tone, Grey or Black
Plastic Coated: Skin tone, Grey or White


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